Jan Henning


“Ojo de Gato” - Cat Eye

This is the title of my solo program, which has let me roam the stages of the world for almost one decade. It is named after the amber stone which was set into my 7-string baritone guitar, my companion from the very beginning.

Jan Henning At my concerts I invite the audience to join me on my spacious wanderings through the microcosm of the guitar. Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Country, Flamenco… Just one single instrument keeps me following the red line through all these musical worlds: the guitar, with its virtually inexhaustible abundance of means of expression. Whether acoustic or electrically amplified, whether 6, 7, 8 or 12 strings, made of wood, carbon, aluminum or acrylic glass.

The kid in the candy store back then has grown up and meanwhile spends more of his time in the guitar maker’s workshop. His amazement has remained…

Some of my playing techniques and personal ideas of tone call for custom-built or modified instruments which get realized in close collaboration with luthiers and manufacturing companies.

Therefore, over the years, a large number of pretty special guitars have passed through my hands, often very appealing or rare “cuties”. Recently, requests have accumulated from fans, collectors and specialized journalists, who have been interested in technical details or pictures of these instruments.

My encounter with the photographer and subject book author Cyrill Harnischmacher who, as it soon turned out is an absolute guitar enthusiast, brought about the idea to produce an illustrated book, to meet this growing interest. Our goal was to transform the characters of the guitars into images, to put them in the spotlight rather than just to catalogue them. The result is a very personal and often eye-winking declaration of love to my “playmates”.

The CD that comes with the book contains a selection of titles from my concert program in new studio recorded versions with a wide stylistic range. Almost all of the portrayed guitars were used during the recording sessions.

I wish you as much fun looking and listening as we had realizing this project!